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The best nails in the city of Chicago with real gel products from Canada, such as LUXIO and AKZENTZ. Chicago ladies are known for their impeccable style head-to-toe-to-fingernails. The Best Nails & Designs is an ideal place for any well-respected Chigaoan to get his or her impeccable Chicago nails to stand out.


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Each and every service is designed to solve a specific need and the result you are after. Select one or a combination of a few services, preferred nail technician, and a time with a date slot. That's how you discover the nail art. Easier than ordering a deep-dish pizza.

Our top-rated services are Gel Nails and Gel Strengthening Overlay for those with weak, hard to grow out, and damaged nails, let us fix them for you! If you need additional help with choosing the best option, not sure which nail tech, or can use a professional to navigate you accordingly, feel free to chat with us 24/7. Salon open late.

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Eyelash Extensions

FACT #1: Look & feel stunning. Every girl knows that amazing eyelashes have the superpower of changing your entire look.

FACT #2: Save time. Eyelash extensions are saving weeks of sleep in one year by you NOT having to do your makeup at all (or very little) and singing the song "I woke up like this."

FACT #3: Save money. We have the best eyelash extensions prices.

FACT #4: Change it up. Sky is the limit when it comes to eyelash styles.

FACT #5: Do not compromise your health and feel safe. Only hypoallergenic and the highest quality materials are used to achieve the best results.

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Organic body waxing

Sugaring: Organic Waxing

Sugaring is a safer, organic, and more gentle alternative to waxing. 100% natural, made of sugar, lemon juice and water, and is NOT sticky. You can put your clothes right back on after the procedure.

BEST CANDIDATES: Anyone looking to achieve smooth skin by removing unwanted hair, especially if you tend to break out or have sensitive skin.

MAIN BENEFITS: Unlike waxing, with sugaring you don't have to wait to grow out your hair and can be done on any hair length. In addition to that, sugaring helps to eliminate ingrown hairs by removing dead skin cells and residue that clogs hair follicles.

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The second you step into The Best Nails & Designs, you dive into an unforgettable beauty experience. It is a hidden gem, where our nail art exceeds your expectations. Where the ambiance is filled with positive and relaxed vibes. Where you can catch up with your girlfriend or sit back, enjoy a glass of wine while getting your nails done. It's your time to unwind.

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What happens at The Best Nails & Designs, always stays here. But if you would like to explore the latest nail trends, industry news, exciting announcements, interesting articles, and other thumb-scrolling information, check them out below:
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Having your nails looking like a million bucks 24/7 might sound like a unicorn at first. Hear us out: it does exist, and it goes by the name Gel Nails. If you've been around a beauty "block," there's an excellent chance you've heard of this nail service. In case you were living under a beauty "rock," no need to panic. Just keep on reading.

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Has it been a while since you stepped into a nail salon? You put off visiting because of COVID-19, but now your nails are brittle, damaged, and lack color. You may not even remember that last time you had a professional manicure. Is it safe to visit a Chicago nail salon during COVID-19?

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