Chicago Nail Salon During COVID-19: Is it safe?

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November 12, 2020
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Has it been a while since you stepped into a nail salon? You put off visiting because of COVID-19, but now your nails are brittle, damaged, and lack color. You may not even remember that last time you had a professional manicure. Is it safe to visit a Chicago nail salon during COVID-19?

Know the Restrictions Imposed by the City and County

Over the last few months, Chicago and the state placed several restrictions on businesses, including Chicago nail salons. As of July 24, the executive orders in place allow companies to reopen but with some restrictions. Those restrictions include mask-wearing, social distancing, and sanitation guidelines. When you choose to visit a nail salon, Downtown Chicago establishments should be following these rules. If they are, it may be safe for you to see.

Keep in mind there is no way to eliminate all risks associated with COVID-19 exposure. Business owners can reduce risks, but there is no way to know where the virus. Those who have serious health issues may not find it safe to visit. It’s essential to use your judgment here.

What Are Nail Salons Doing to Make It Safer?

‍Many nail salon services are working hard to ensure salons are as safe as possible. When you visit your favorite location, chances are good you will see many of these restrictions and changes in place. Here are some examples.

Improved Cleaning

Sanitation is a critical factor for salons. This practice is not new for salons. Many salons are investing in increasing practices such as:

- Sanitizing countertops after each use
- Wiping down stations after each use, including chairs and armrests
- Sanitizing all areas for pedicures after each use
- Keeping all equipment clean and fresh – disposing of client-used products more often
- Frequently wiping down high-touch surfaces such as door handles
- Keeping bathrooms and other shared areas clean

Minimizing the Number of People in the Salon at One Time

When you come in to get nail art, Chicago salon visitors are also likely to see fewer other clients in the salon at the same time. That’s because nail salons are working hard to limit the number of people waiting for an appointment. That also saves you a significant amount of time. You may not have to wait long at all to have your nails done.

When you want to visit a nail boutique, book an appointment online first. There’s no extra charge for booking even minutes before an appointment, but it does reduce the number of people waiting for care.

Wearing Masks

As noted, business owners and clients are wearing masks. Wearing a mask is a requirement in commercial establishments as of right now. That means you should come in wearing a mask. Keep it on during your entire stay. The employees in the Chicago nail salon wear them throughout your appointment as well. Masks can help to slow the spread of COVID-19. Any type of face-covering approved by the state, CDC, or local government is acceptable.

Following Recommendations from the CDC

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to provide updates and insights about COVID-19 and how small businesses can manage risks. Nail salons are paying close attention to these recommendations as they change, including information about:
- Cleaning procedures
- Client access to the location
- How employees should work
- Strategies for minimizing the spread
- Handling temperature checks and employee testing

Should You Get Your Nails Down During COVID-19?

If you’re longing for the latest nail color or need a pedicure to feel your best, visiting a nail salon may be well worth it. At The Best Nails & Design, a five-star rated location serving Downtown Chicago, you can come in, relax, enjoy a good conversation with your technician, and even sip a glass of wine.

The isolation many people feel during the pandemic is nothing to overlook. It’s well understood that isolation impacts mental health, according to the Psychiatric Times. Loneliness can impact overall wellbeing. Self-care is one way to minimize that impact. Getting your nails done may be just what you need.

Now Is the Ideal Time to Visit Your Favorite Salon

The Best Nails Chicago follow all guidelines to ensure clients receive the best nail care in a safe and comfortable environment. Our spacious nail salon is located in the heart of Chicago yet hidden from the public, which makes it the ideal choice for any of your nail needs during these uncertain times. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at any time. Book your appointment today to experience Chicago nail art at its best.

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