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November 12, 2020
Baby blue gel nails

Have your nails looking like a million bucks 24/7 might sound like a unicorn at first. Hear us out: it does exist, and it goes by the name of Gel Nails. If you've been around the beauty "block," there's an excellent chance you've heard of this nail service. In case you were living under a beauty "rock," no need to panic. Just keep on reading.

Gel Nails 101

According to Loreal Paris USA, gel nails are made by a five-step process, which consists of:
1. Applying a base coat
2. Applying a layer of natural gel to make your nails stronger
3. Applying two coats of a no-chip color of your choice
4. Finishing up with a top coat
5. Curing them under UV-light after each step

Ok, that was easy enough. What's the catch? The biggest problem you might encounter is the never-ending question: What design should I get??! That's it. Jokes aside, it's not even a real problem if you have internet access: there are plenty of options available, especially on our Instagram page (wink-wink).

The main benefits of getting Gel Nails:

- Suitable for any fingernail shape or size: gel acts as a building block to your existing nail and can be sculptured to any nail dream you might have. Thinking of trying a Stiletto shape? Maybe a more natural one, like Almond? How about adding the length to that pointer you can't seem to grow out? Yes. Yes. And yes. Our Gel Nails service is the best choice for that.

- Last up to six weeks: best for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Who has time to get anything done every two weeks nowadays? Gel Nails are made to last and fit perfectly into your busy schedule.

- Keep your cuticles healthy: this is our key to success and the #1 reason we love Gel Nails. Our staff is highly trained to provide the picture-perfect cuticle ready to go viral in your next Instagram Story.

- Strengthens weak nails: not all of us are #blessed with healthy, strong, and long nails in our DNA. Our Gel Nails are coming to the rescue again: thanks to the all-natural formula (compared to Acrylics), they provide a hard protective layer and act like Kevin Costner if your nails were Whitney Houston in the 1992 classic.

- Show your personality: they don't call it Nail Art for nothing. Gel Nails are the canvas to your imagination, where the sky is the limit. Need to match them to that Bridesmaid dress? Having a girls-night-out at that fancy restaurant? Maybe, your career is blooming, and you need to look like a Boss Lady? Perhaps, you're a busy mom of 3 and barely find time to do anything in this life? Looking for something neutral for school? Or want to go all out loud just because? We respect any of your life choices and here to support with any nail-matching design.

- Look like a real thing: gel nails are customized to make them look like your actual nails. No strings are attached. Unlike unreliable no-chip, toxic acrylics, or press-on nails, Gel Nails look, feel, and act as they were your natural nails (but better).

- Easy to remove: you never know when the next lock-down or any other sort of apocalypse awaiting us. In case you'll need to remove them, gel nails are best grown out and clipped to the desired length and shape. If you must, you can soak them in acetone, but that's extremely harmful and damaging for your nails.

- Complimentary fixes: life happens, we get it. The Best Nails Chicago got you covered within the first 10 days after your Gel Nails service with complimentary nail fixes. No questions asked, just working on that priceless "You saved my life" customer comments.

Next Steps

If you are interested in rocking Gel Nails, count on our team for assistance. We will help you select the perfect new gel nails service, shape them precisely as you desire, and bring out the best in your hands. Once your gel nails are done, it's up to you how many great places they would take you.

WARNING: there is a high chance of you staring at your spanking-new nails for longer than you expected in the first week or so. As 4-6 weeks fly by, come on over for a Gel Fill and get ready to take on the world once again.

Feel free to contact our Chicago Nail Experts at any moment.

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